As you know, we have been in the construction business for almost 20 years now. The company started as a small producer of hollow blocks, for over the years we’ve been innovating until we met the desired high quality as we upgraded to hydraulic-machine made concrete hollow blocks. Our aggressive expansion began with the acquisition of top-of-the-line machineries, such as the stone crushing machine for manufacturing aggregates, and the Hydraulic Press Block machine for manufacturing load-bearing and non-load-bearing hollow blocks.

With our experience serving the requirements of subdivisions, construction projects, contractors, & etc. coupled with major equipment upgrades and new facilities, KEAN is now more competitive than ever. Today, KEAN offers a wider range of high quality products to efficiently meet the building needs of today’s market. We know the industry by heart. We build on strength and quality.


To be the top go-to construction supplies provider in Davao City by offering high quality products and reliable service.


We believe that Davao City is on the rise and we aspire to be a prominent part of its growth. We value quality, safety, timely delivery and constantly aim to deliver high quality products that meet our clients’ requirements and schedules, while ensuring a safe and stable work environment for our employees. We stay committed to constant improvements and advancements as we seek to serve a larger market outside of Davao City.


In the hopes of becoming one of the country’s major construction supplies provider, KEAN is committed to achieving the following:

This organization tend to grow and become more advance in high end products to become a number one leading company in Davao City as a one-stop shop that can deliver construction supplies, high quality products and reliable service.
The Kean Solid Blocks aims to build stronger relationship with their clients and by doing this we do not afraid to expand our distribution of construction aggregates and other construction vehicles to serve new markets.
The Kean Solid Blocks is striving for upgraded equipment so that the company would improve their production and maintain their facilities according to the standard procedures of the company for them to satisfy the client’s needs.
This company is not only focusing the products but we also guarantee the safety of our employees and taught them the good values in connection with the company policies.